Making the most of a trusted, established relationship

Cross Community Players (CCP) already had a great relationship with CCX Media since they had used CCX to record promotional pieces for previous shows.

In Fall 2021, CCP was gearing up for their third annual fundraiser. After trying an in-person event and then a virtual event during the pandemic, they really wanted something unique. So, CCP decided to record a benefit concert for their patrons to view at their convenience.

CCX Media was the perfect solution to helping CCP navigate how to create a video that could be available to a wider audience of patrons. CCX was able to offer an affordable option that was accessible for the nonprofit. Plus, CCX Media is a familiar community resource in the area.

“They were excited about our project and very helpful in helping us figure out how to go about recording 20 singer/actors and finding room in the studio for six pit musicians. It worked out beautifully! It was a great and fun experience for all the actors and musicians involved.”

Steve Eckes, President, Cross Community Players (CCP)

Cross Community Players archived the digital performance so it can be used for future fundraisers and promotions. CCP President Steve Eckes says having a professional product will be a great asset for posting online and on social media.

See the product for yourself by visiting or Cross Community Players Facebook page.