Like many community organizations, the Plymouth Rotary Club is facing the trend of declining membership. In an effort to reverse that trend and increase membership, they wanted to produce a video, highlighting the benefits of being involved in the Rotary, that could be sent to prospective members.

Discussions started between the Rotary and CCX Media in November of 2020. Recording and editing began March 2021 and was completed in April. Main points covered in the video include what the Rotary is, what they do as a local service organization, and the impact they have on the community and beyond.

The video has been used on social media and the Rotary website at local, state, and national levels, and serves as a useful model for other Rotary Clubs. It has also helped in follow-up to recruitment efforts. After Rotary members talk with prospective members, they can send a link to the video which portrays the passion felt about membership and involvement with the Rotary.