The Good Leadership Breakfast is a professional development workshop which features CEO speakers who are creating great results with their teams. The breakfast is a unique learning experience that brings together results-minded leaders who believe that goodness pays, with Paul Batz as the host and facilitator who cultivates an environment of learning and professional growth.

When the COVID pandemic hit, the Good Leadership Breakfast series had to pivot from in-person workshops to virtual streamed events. Good Leadership was looking for a partner who cared about their success as much as they did. Production elements for the Breakfasts included an in-studio host along with a remote virtual emcee, remote virtual guests, online polling, live streaming, and podcasting.

With restrictions loosening, changes to the production model continue as the transitions to a hybrid in-person/streamed workshop back to an in-person event are made.

Monitor displaying November guest
The November Breakfast transitioned back to an in-person event at the Metropolitan Ballroom in Golden Valley.
Roland portable studio switcher
To record the event, CCX Media used a Roland portable studio to switch between three cameras. Metropolitan Ballroom provided an audio feed.
Good Leadership brand in foreground, Metropolitan Ballroom stage in background
The in-house screens were used to display PowerPoint slides, live polling, and the program output from the Roland video switcher.
Good Leadership Breakfast in studio with small audience
Joining the May Breakfast, along with the virtual audience viewing via livestream, was a live (fully vaccinated!) studio audience. The September and October Breakfasts followed the same model.
Good Leadership CEO and Founder, Paul Batz, in studio readying for start of April Breakfast
With COVID restrictions still in place, April’s Breakfast catered to a virtual audience. Two of the participants interacted with the host in the studio via Zoom.
Production crew in control room
A full crew was on hand to attend to all the details of the production.
Director at video switcher
The director switches between three studio cameras, two Zoom feeds, media player, one web feed, and graphics.
Multiviewer monitors with studio camera shots
Multiviewer in control room monitors all video sources.
Bagel buffet
What’s a Breakfast without breakfast? There are no restrictions related to caterers and the food brought in to the studio.