The Seven Dreams Education Foundation is dedicated to helping the students of Robbinsdale Area Schools succeed by funding innovative education initiatives that enhance individual skills and experiences.


The Seven Dreams Education Foundation hosted its annual Bird Bash gala, February 8, 2020, in order to raise funds needed for this year’s education initiative, Social Emotional Learning, a mental health initiative to equip Robbinsdale area students with “social and emotional” interpersonal skills that are the foundation of academic success. The challenge was to raise enough funds for Seven Dreams to purchase “Second Step” curriculum (to teach SEL skills) for all elementary and middle school students of Robbinsdale Area Schools. 


The Seven Dreams Education Foundation reached out to CCX Media to create a compelling video about Social Emotional Learning to inspire attendees at the gala to donate towards the initiative. The video explained the importance of Social Emotion Learning through teachers, parents and students’ personal stories and how it has increased academic success, enriched relationships between teachers and students and decreases in aggression. 


The Seven Dreams Education Foundation exceeded their fundraising goal of $50,000 by $23,000 for a total of $73,000 raised from the event. The original goal was to buy SEL kits for each grade level K-8 (to be shared by teachers in that grade), but with a discount from a vendor, the district was able to buy a kit for each general education teacher in grades K-8 at all Robbinsdale Area Schools!

“We had CCX Media produce a video for our large signature fundraising event. I thought the video was just extremely effective in telling a story. The best part was it helped us raise a lot of money, and we exceeded the goal for fundraising. I’d highly recommend CCX Media.”

Emily Wallace-Jackson
Executive Director, Seven Dreams Education Foundation